Dhaba Mutton Curry

//Dhaba Mutton Curry

Dhaba Mutton Curry

We love road journeys and these days most of our drives are smooth with Sat Navs giving us instructions on where to go and services making sure we are fed and watered with unfailing regularity. Indian road journeys too now are a lot like journeys in the west with six lane highways and swank motels … However when you veer off the major highways in India, it is still like stepping back to my childhood journeys where like life, here too there are no guarantees. You take your life into your hands every time you venture out thanks to overloaded lorries, drunk drivers, tractors, bullock carts and other such creatures….

The only guarantee you do have would be the presence of a Dhaba . These traditional roadside eating places are dotted across the country’s 33 million km road network… Meant for truckers to stop to rest and refuel, Dhabas offer fresh home style food – usually a homestyle curry and rice or stuffed parathas with butter and pickles… You sit on a rickety plastic chair or a charpoy eating a freshly made curry with rotis and watched the overloaded trucks thundering past..

If you are lucky you may get the best meal of your life and a clean toilet, if you are not, you will end up with a dodgy stomach and make do with a bush by the road for the toilet……

It’s a bit like Russian Roulette but if you get into the spirit of it.. It’s an adventure meant to be savoured and enjoyed…

Tonight though our homemade mutton curry with chapatis – like the swirling dust raised by the trucks brought many memories… of childhood drives across Assam with parents and my sister, long drives out of Delhi with Samin.. holidays in the hills with friends… Many miles driven and many meals eaten at dhabas..

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