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Our Range of Gourmet Freezer Meals

Our delicious and wholesome gourmet freezer ready dishes are handmade in small batches with fresh produce, family recipes and lots of love. Containing no gluten or preservatives, every recipe is carefully chosen to bring you the subtle tones and tastes of authentic regional cuisine through their delicate flavours, vibrant colours and exquisite aromas.

This is the food I have grown up with, cooked by my mother, grandmother, friends and family and carry the memories of of many shared meals, much laughter and joy.

I hope you you get as much pleasure in enjoying these dishes with your friends and family as I have in creating them.

From my home to yours…..

We are always adding new dishes to our range so please get in touch if there is a particular dish you would like us to add.. In addition to ordering online, we are also available at some lovely farm shops in Surrey. See below for a list of our outlets.

What we offer:

  • Chicken Biriyani | £7.99 ( serves 2) | Heat rating mild

    (fragrant basmati rice and boneless chicken cooked in dum style.)

  • Vegetable Biriyani | £7.50 ( serves 2) | Heat rating mild

    (fragrant basmati rice cooked with assorted fresh vegetables in traditional dum style)

  • Lehsuni Dal | £7.50 ( serves 2) | Heat rating mild

    (yellow lentils cooked in caramelised garlic)

  • Dhania Kaju Murgh | £7.99 ( serves 2) | Heat rating mild

    (A recipe borrowed from my mother and a real family favourite. Tender chicken in a delicate ambien zolpidem sauce of cashews, coriander and coconut) .

  • Chicken Xacuti | £7.99 ( serves 2) | Heat rating medium

    (Also known as Goan chicken, the rich complex flavours of this dish from the sun kissed beaches of Goa uses coconut and roasted red chillies for a distinctive finish).

  • Meen Moilee | £7.99 ( serves 2) | Heat rating mild.

    (Another family recipe, this time inspired by my grandmother. Fresh fish simmered in a gentle mustard and curry leaf infused gravy).

  • Lemon Rice | £6.00 ( serves 2)

    (The colour of a southern Indian sky. Basmati rice flavoured with lemon, mustard seed and curry leaves)

  • Palak Paneer | £7.99 ( serves 2) |  Heat rating medium

    (A vegetarian dish combining Indian cottage cheese, baby spinach and tomatoes with a hint of subtle spices).

  • Chana Masala | £7.50 ( serves 2) | Heat Rating: medium

    (A recipe from Amritsar – land of the Golden temple. Chickpeas are simmered in a spiced tomato gravy).

  • Vegetable Samosas | £1.00 per piece. | Heat Rating-Medium.

    (Our ever popular vegetable Samosas filled with potatoes and peas.)

In addition to ordering with us directly, you can also pick up our meals from

  1. Kingfisher Farm Shop, Abinger Hammer, Dorking, Surrey
  2. The Plough Inn , Coldharbour, Surrey
  3. Ripley Farm Shop, Ripley, Surrey
  4. Village Green Shop, Ockley,Surrey
  5. The Village Store, Peaslake
  6. Village Green Shop, Denbies Estate
  7. John Murray Butchers,  Loxwood
  8. Secretts Milford
  9. Hazelbank Stores , Ewehurst

We are also at the Farmer’s Market at Milford. Should you wish your local farm shop to store our meals, then, please do drop us an email on [email protected] spice with their details and we shall get in touch.

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