Gondhoraaj Cheesecake

//Gondhoraaj Cheesecake

Gondhoraaj Cheesecake

A Gandhoraj Lebu literally means the Emperor of Fragrance and once you smell one of these lemons you are hooked.. the closest description is if you could juice kaffir lime leaf. In days gone by, slices of gondhoraj would grace the typical Bengali lunch table – a squeeze was all that was required to elevate your simple dal or fish curry to the sublime .. Now a days, the gandhoraj is used for lots of experimental dishes – be it with chicken, fish, desserts, cakes and even cocktails.. Easily available in Bengal and across most metros in Bengali shops, my Bangladeshi grocer in Surrey stocks a version of these which I buy by the dozen.

Yesterday I modified my baked cheesecake recipe to flavour it with the zest juice of gandhoraj lemons – the base had rich tea biscuits combined with peanut brittle (chicki) and fennel and I’m pleased to confirm it was a successful experiment in my books..

Ingredients and a Method:

1. Melt 120 gms salted butter and whizz this with 200 gms rich tea biscuits, 40 gms peanut brittle (chiki) and a teeny bit of fennel seeds until it resembles wet sand.

2. Press this in a greased 20 cm spring form tin and leave in the fridge for 20 min.

3. Whiz together 750 gm cream cheese, 100 ml cream, zest and juice of limes – gindhoraj if you can lay your hands on it, 3 egg yolks and 200gms caster sugar.

4. Pour this mixture onto the cheesecake base and bake at 220 C first for 15 minutes and then 150C for 40 mins until set.

5. .Leave in the oven with the door ajar for 1 hour and then chill for 4-5 hours or overnight.

Variations if this include Nolen Gur – another Calcutta favourite or white chocolate and raspberries (omit the fennel) #surreycaterer #homemadehappiness #cheesecake #indianflavours

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