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Each of our menus are bespoke to you depending on your event, style and budget. In order to give you an idea of the kind of food we prepare, here are some of our favourite dishes.


  • Spinach and Onion Bhajis
    (Crisp fritters – perfect with a glass of something and some gossip)
  • Katori Chaat
    (An edible mini plate with its own contents – sweet, savoury, sour and crunchy – an explosion of flavours and textures)
  • Vada Pav
    (Mumbai’s answer to the chip butty – a spiced potato cake in a brioche bun spiced with various chutneys)
  • Samosas
    Freshly made vegetable samosas served with our special Tamarind Chutney
  • Momos
    (An Indian Gyozo – lightly spiced chicken/ vegetables in a pan fried wrapper served with a spicy garlic and tomato chutney)
  • Bhel Puri
    (Crispy puffed rice with a crunch salad, peanuts and bombay mix, all stirred up together with chnutneys.)
  • Paani Puri Shots
    (Straight from the streets of Calcutta – a crispy ball filled with a potato filling and spicy tamarind water)
  • Samosa Chaat
    (A deconstructed samosa with spicy chick peas and a variety of chutneys)
  • Begun Bhaja
    (Crisp aubergine fritters – perfect with a glass of something.)
  • Galouti Kabab
    (Minced Lamb patties made for the toothless Nawab who wanted his meat!)
  • Murgh Malai Kabab
    (Boneless chincken, marinated overnight in a delicate spice and cashew mixture and grilled to perfection!)
  • Chicken Roll/Veg Roll
    (Crispy flaky parathas with a smoky chicken or vegetable filling and set off with a crunchy onion and mint salsa!)
  • Tandoori Murgh
    (The national bird of the Punjab!)
  • Nargisi Kofta
    (The original predecessor to the Scotch Egg )
  • Bharwan Mirchi
    (Stuffed Chillis – perfect to set your tastebuds afire)
  • Dahi Puchka
    (Even Maharajas like their fast food – a crispy edible basket filled with an explosion of flavours)
  • Macher Fry with Kasundi
    (Calcutta style fish fry with a special mustard and vinegar dressing)


  • Chana Masala
    (Chick peas in spices – a northern Indian speciality)
  • Dhania Kaju Murgh
    (Boneless chicken cooked with coriander, cashew and coconut)
  • Paneer Methi
    (Cottage cheese cooked with fenugreek leaves)
  • Hyderbadi Lamb / Vegetable Biriyani
    (Fragrant Basmati Rice, melt in the mouth lamb and our own spice blends – a perfect combination)
  • Chicken Rezala
    (This has travelled from Oudh to Calcutta in 1887 with the last Mughal Emperor who was exiled here)
  • Dum Alu
    (Baby potatoes cooked in a tomato and asafoetida gravy)
  • Amritsari Dal
    (Black lentils simmered overnight and spiced with ginger)
  • Patrani Machi
    (Fish steamed in banana leaves – just the way my grandmother makes it)
  • South Indian Ishtoo
    (Vegetables and prawns cooked in a delicate coconut gravy – a variation of the classic British Stew)
  • Chingri Malai Curry
    (Jumbo Prawns cooked in coconut gravy – no Bengali wedding is complete without this)
  • Karai shuti Dhokar Dalna
    (Lentil and Pea cakes cooked the way my grandmother does!)
  • Meen Mouli
    (Fish cooked with ginger and tomato– Kerala Style)
  • Pepper Mutton
    (A household favourite from the coast of India)
  • Khatta Meetha Baigan
    (Sweet and Sour Aubergine)
  • Dal Bukhara
    (Made famous by the Bukhara restaurant in Delhi, a combination of whole black lentils and ginger simmered for 4 hours at least!)
  • Dhania Fish
    (A lightly spiced fish curry with tomato and coriander leaves –a favourite in our house)
  • Mulor Ghonto
    (White radish cooked with coconut and peanuts)
  • Railway Mutton Curry
    (Made to an old recipe still followed on the Indian Railways)
  • Keema Curry
    (Spiced mince curry – a favourite in our house)
  • Paalak Paneer
    (Indian cottage cheese made with spinach)
  • Navratan Korma
    (Nav or Nine Ratan or Jewels made from nine key ingredients – each one representing the nine jewels of the Emperor Akbar’s Court)
  • Shahi Haleem
    (Pulses and Barley slowly simmered with chicken and spices to create a melt in the mouth stew.)
  • Chanar Paturi
    (A delicacy from Bengal – paneer with mustard and coriander steamed in banana leaves)
  • Baghare Baigan
    (Aubergines cooked in coconut, peanuts and tamarind)
  • Kofta or Ball Curry
    (An Anglo – Indian dish from the Raj)
  • Chicken Xacuti
    (A Goan Speciality)
  • Dal Lehsuni
    (Yellow Lentils simmered with caramelised garlic)
  • Alu Gobi
    (A simple cauliflower and potato stir fry – made exactly as in thousands of Indian homes)

Rice/ Breads/ Accompaniments

  • Home Made Parathas
  • Papads with pineapple chutney
  • Palak Raita
    (Yoghurt with baby spinach)
  • Lemon Rice
    (Rice filled with the sunshine of the Southern Indian coast)
  • Boondi Raita
    (A side dish of cooling yoghurt and chick pea fritters)
  • Cashew and Cranberry Pulao
  • Baigan Raita
    (Cooling side dish f yoghurt and aubergines – a perfect accompaniment to the biriyani)
  • Mixed Salad
    (Fresh Cucumber, tomatoes, chickpeas, grapes and walnuts – a Surrey Spice speciality)
  • Akhrot Angur Raita
    (A cooling side dish made with yoghurt, grapes and walnuts)
  • Zeera Pulao
    (Rice tempered with cumin seeds)


  • Aam Ka Shrikhand
    (Mango and yoghurt – a speciality of Gujrat)
  • Misti Doi served traditionally
    (A Calcutta Special – set yoghurt)
  • Aam E Khas
    (Ice cream made with the king of fruits)
  • Gajar Halwa
    (Our version of a carrot halwa served with a twist)
  • Watermelon Granita
    Indian Masala Chai served our way
  • Homemade Gulab Jamuns
    (Milk dumplings served in a sugar syrup)
  • Firni
    (A delicate rose flavoured rice custard)
  • Fruit Chaat – served in leaf bowls