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Momo Mania

A Momo originates in China but has made its way through Tibet, Nepal and finally to India to be adopted as one of its own… When I was growing up, these crescent shaped dumplings filled with spiced minced pork flavoured with ginger, garlic and chopped coriander leaves were not normal street food fare and usually available in the Himalayan foothills in places like Darjeeling or in my case made in various Chai Bagan (Tea garden ) bungalows or homes with Nepali staff..

In the 80s there were a few Momo joints in Calcutta but my mother was convinced that they contained dog meat and we were strictly warned against setting food into these places..

I’ve been lucky as we’ve always had the privilege of having home made momos.. served with a tomato, garlic and coriander chutney and thupka – a steaming clear soup with sliced ginger… When I moved to Delhi, my dad even brought me back a massive 3 tier Momo steamer from one of his various trips to Darjeeling which occupied pride of place in my kitchen and was viewed by many as an object of much curiosity and admiration.

These days Momo joints have joined mainstream Indian street food and every city abounds in loads of places selling all sorts of momos but as I steam and pan fry yet another batch of momos this evening, my memories travel ..back to the Himalayan foothills.. to our kitchen in Assam and Calcutta .. to my first very own kitchen in Delhi .. And Mahera waits in expectation for her plate .. similar to what my sister and I did.. Some things change and some things remain… #surreycaterer #homemadehappiness #momomania #dumplings #madewithlove #localfood

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