Pithes and Pulis

//Pithes and Pulis

Pithes and Pulis

Every self respecting Bengali family will claim their pathishaptas are a cut above the rest and ours is no exception… My grandmother, my aunt and my mum all do a mean pathishapta. For the uninitiated a pathishapta is Bengal’s answer to the French crepe – however the batter is made with a mixture of rice flour and plain flour giving it its unique creamy white slightly spongy texture… The filling varies from house to house and is guarded closely handed down from mother to daughter often skipping a recalcitrant daughter in law or two! These plain crepes look almost boring but nothing beats biting into a beautifully made warm pathishapta with its soft chewy almost fudge like filling of coconut, thickened milk and Gur or date palm jaggery.

Traditionally eaten on Makar Sankranti ( winter solstice) – a cold day in mid January – pure bliss!!

So after three telephone calls this afternoon, to my mother, my grandmother and my aunt… I attempted these for Sankranti which is today. Pleased to say even Mahera who refuses to touch most things sweet had two….

Let me know if you want the recipe!

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