‘Tis the season for thrift and leftovers

//‘Tis the season for thrift and leftovers

‘Tis the season for thrift and leftovers

I firmly believe there are two kinds of cooks .. those that can roll out perfect Indian breads and those who cannot.. Those who belong to the second category like yours truly enviously stand and watch the other kind deftly churn out soft chapatis with pretty brown spots as soft as a piece of unstarched muslin, perfect round puffed up pooris and crispy parathas with meltingly soft middles…And so as a result any kind of hand made Indian bread in our house without a special occasion is.. well a special occasion.

However with the addition of my thermomix aka Kantabai, I’ve become a bit braver in turning my hand at attempting Indian breads .. Here is today’s version – very simple and if I can make these, anyone can..

A soft dough was made using leftover dal and whole wheat flour. To this was added finely chopped onions, fresh coriander leaves and whole carom seeds. This was then rolled out into thin 5 inch discs (about 1/4 cm thick ) and then put on a hot pan until brown spots appear and the bread is cooked. Add a few drops oil or ghee and continue cooking for another minute turning over half way and then serve hot with a yoghurt raita. A huge favourite in our house is aubergine raita and this was a perfect accompaniment. #leftoverrecipes #dalparatha #homemadehappiness #surreyfoodie #midweekdinner #frugalfeasts #vegetarian #vegan

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